Flashback review #3: 'Jinggo: Eksplorasi'

An edited excerpt of this entry:
Origin: Malaysia
Language: Malay
Artist: Puppeteer
Category: Fiction
Format: Comic / graphic novel
Release: 2008
Publisher: Gempak Starz
Oh yeah, today I finally bought -with my brother's money, so it's techically 'our' first ever graphic novel! It's another masterpiece by one of my fave comic artist in a local magazine called GEMPAK, and his name is Puppeteer. I bought his rendition of previously published Jinggo: Hikayat Si Pemburu (Jinggo: The Hunter's Chronicle) drawn by Kenny (another fave artist of mine in the same magazine), entitled Jinggo: Eksplorasi (Jinggo: Exploration).

Jinggo is originally dead in the original version. So, this would probably revolves around his life before he had colleagues. The original version is balanced in both action and humour content. While Puppeteer's version is more focused on his hilarious attempts in outsmarting the aliens he encountered. LOL. That's really funny! I ain't givin' any spoilers, cause what fun would that be? HAHAHAHA~

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