A film review: 'Spring Breakers'

Origin: United States
Language: English
Director & writer: Harmony Korine
Producers: Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Jordan Gertner, Chris Hanley, David Zander
Casts: Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, James Franco, Gucci Mane
Genres: Crime / thriller
Release: March 15, 2013
Studios: Muse Productions, Division Films
Distributors: A24, Annapurna Pictures

Why, hello there dear bloggie! How you've been, buddy? It's been a while, ain't it? Shit, I suck at this intro shit. This is definitely a result of not writing for so long, huh? So, let's just get with it. Maybe it's because my mind was fucked when I watched this film last Sunday evening (illegally of course, since I HIGHLY doubt this film will EVER get here in Malaysian cinemas). And yes, PLEASE be surprised by the faces you see on this film's poster.

Heart popped out for a few secs? Well, you should; ESPECIALLY when you know where Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens originally came from. Way to go, Harmony. You've just fizzled any little girls' and tweenager's period of growing up. You did this on purpose didn't ya? And that gangster wannabe guy behind those four girls? Yes, it's that guy whom our homegirl Yuna said hi to, the Sam Raimi's Harry Osbourne a.k.a. New Goblin guy, the 127 Hours guy, and the lead from that new Oz film.

If that isn't that mindfucking enough, you should watch the whole thing. True to the film's name, these badass chicks and that retarded-looking rapper douche indeed broke into the spring season with their absurd antics in the film's setting from every single aspect there is, all thanks to it's writer-director's pretty messed up take on teenagers' idea of 'having fun.'

Anyway, here's how the film plays out; it follows four best friends and college buddies named Candy (Hudgens), Brit (Benson), Faith (Gomez) and Cotty (Korine) in their quest to have the best spring break ever; the only problem is they lack the sufficient fund to do so. So they decided to rob a fast food restaurant to get some instant cash. After they got arrested because of their little heist while having their vacation, a local rapper named Alien (Franco) came to the rescue... and things get even more fucked up from then on as usual.

From the looks of the film (may I call it... it's cinematography? I've been trying to use this word, and I hope I'm using it right), for the most part, is kinda dark (it's either the quality of the print I watched is super dark, or the film really is genuinely dark); and by dark I mean both literally and figuratively. But the choice of colours are pretty interesting though; the stark contrast between the bright neon colours and the film's dark hues really does bring out the intended mood of the film; fun, dirty, and nasty.

Speaking of the devil (by "the devil" I mean the writer-director, of course), way to go with the casting decisions man! The casting perfectly exemplifies the popular statement "Don't judge a book by its cover" by bringing in Disney's teen princess in this sharp commentary on youths idea of 'having the best moment ever' in their lives and 'discovering who they really are.' Hudgens really did give a very convincing performance in living up to the aforementioned statement by totally abandoning how she rolled when she was Gabriella Montez and brings in that 'messed up' teen mentality into her acting; for example... in almost every scene that involves she, Benson, and Franco, and of course... the weed smoking habit and unavoidably excessive amount of cussing. And Franco as Alien? That's kinda weird too, considering him taking up 'properly macho' roles before the role of this bizarre white rapper who isn't lying about living the thug life. Another thing to point out here is the constant repetition of certain elements in the film. An obvious example of this are the party scenes; be it at the beach or someplace else, it's literally like all over the place in the film (even the film's trailer have this scene). When you see it, you'll get this messed up feeling everytime you see it (despite having nudity in it... the wrong kind)... and this feeling tells me "Is THIS you party people idea of fun? Disgusting, man!"

I guess that's about it. I don't know what else to say about this film. This is definitely an even ballsily weird film that I've ever come across, all thanks to my curiousity over what is Selena Gomez up to prior to her break up with Justin Bieber; and this is definitely a bold statement towards the Beliebers and the Disney universe alike (although she didn't push the envelope too much unlike fellow Disney-mate Hudgens)... courtesy of Harmony Korine's very visually gritty and less wordy flick whom critics described as 'Scarface meets Britney Spears.' And I'll be damned if you didn't notice the Spears-ness on some parts of the film. Go get your mind fucked by watching this film, if you wanna.

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