A film review: I see dead people on Ramadhan. A 'The Silence of the Lambs' review.

Origin: United States · Language: English
Director: Jonathan Damme · Writer: Ted Tally
Genres: Thriller, horror ·  Release: February 14, 1991

Casts: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins,
Scott Glenn, Ted Levine

More info: IMDb

It's movie day yet again at BEL class today. Since no one could stand learning with an empty stomach and it's Ramadhan, our lecturer gave us a treat; The Sound of Music! No, wait... it seems that her external DVD drive could not read the darn DVD! So she had a replacement, but it's not really Ramadhan-friendly.

Yeah, it's this film. I really don't have a darn clue that this is gonna be a gruesome film, since the lecturer dubbed this as a 'psychogical thriller' and we have to 'listen to whatever they have to say'. But at the earlier point of the movie, one of the character's name was mentioned; and it's Hannibal Lecter, the most badass psychiatrist/cannibal/serial killer ever! I know it's gonna be awesomely grotesque!

But instead of him doing the dirty work, he acts more of a mentor for the main character who needs his wisdom and information to track down 'Buffalo Bill', a serial killer whose signature style would be peeling of skins of his female victims and 'suit himself up' with those, since he wanna be a girl so bad, but can't due to several reasons.

You know what sucks? I was so sleepy, my head got dragged down onto the swinging table during LOTS of selective scenes, and I think I missed most of the sickest ones! HOW could I sleep through all of that, damn it?! Well, there were a few revolting scenes on the aftermath of Buffalo Bill's bidding, but I really wanna see him doing it in action! Oh yeah, Dr. Hannibal Lecter himself too did a murder scene, but again; it's what happened after that was what I saw instead of his 'craftsmanship' procedure! Another sucky fact would be... I managed to wake up fresh, only to see THIS scene.


But nonetheless, the film was awesome in its own twisted way. Maybe someday I'll give the Hannibal Lecter series a go. But note this, dear lecturer. Find a better, friendlier replacement film next time.

This my friends, is what I call one of the tests that God is throwing at the Muslims in the holy month of Ramadhan al-Mubarak, apart from wrapping up your stomach real tight and unwrap them again when it's break fasting time. Be prepared for more!


J Maiden said...

one of my fav. fcking awesome isn't it? anthony hopkins is the real shit man. oh btw, if it's possible, if you look closely to that skull on the moth, you can actually see an awesome state of art; women's naked bodies arranged together to form that skull.

even the poster is sick. AWESOME.

The Iki.Ali said...

yeah! it is awesome!
how i wish i wasn't so sleepy that time.


oh yeah, now that you mentioned it, i do see naked women on that skull! nice!

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