A video game review: 'Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator'

Origin: United States
Language: English
Genre: Turn-based RPG
Platform: Windows
Release: October 31, 1999
Developer: Valkyrie Studios
Publisher: Monolith Productions

I've been losing my gaming spirit ever since I got here in Putrajaya, despite having lots of games on my laptop AND the PlayStation 2. But then, this happened...

I don't know how or what triggered me and my bro to remember this awesome fantasy RPG, but it happened. After a grueling search of a good direct download of the game (I even mistakenly downloaded and installed the Polish version instead of the English version. Boohoo!), I finally got to play the game that each member of the Alis loved and hated so much during the Windows 98 era; a decent Western-made Final Fantasy rip-off epic called Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator; developed by the now-defunct Valkyrie Studios and published by Monolith Productions.

A screenshot from the game. Nostalgia... boner... can't help it!
It's what gaming should be; good story, simple to grasp gameplay, and mesmerising graphics even for its time. The story's might not be that in-depth or too straight forward, but the good thing about it is that you actually care about it, since it's very intriguing and yet very interesting at the same time. Also, it's a rarity to see an RPG of this type to be on the PC nowadays. Apart from that, when's the last time you've seen a PC GAME with VERY SIMPLE controls? Adventure wise, everything is there in the game world, but exploration is still the key should you want to find awesome stuff that could aid you in the increasingly tough battles. Speaking of battles, in most areas, enemies can be seen running around, so you can choose to either engage in battle on sight or by directly move towards the enemy, or avoid fighting altogether. In some areas, random battles still occur, but not that much, I think. Also, it didn't try too hard in the graphics department, yet the artwork is quiet detailed and good enough to accompany the written story underneath that is infused with clever mixture of Steampunk, Medieval and anime influences, and is quiet good for its age.

I still haven't finished beating this game yet, but, if you're lucky enough to find it on the Internet somewhere and happened to download it, KEEP IT AS LONG AS YOU CAN; AND DON'T DELETE IT! If you feel that this game should get some more fans, go ahead and tell everyone about it. But to me, this is a treasure only few will admire and appreciate; especially those who prefers gameplay over graphics and the age of the game.

So yeah... thank you Septerra Core... for bringing my gaming muse back! Hoping to beat this game, since this is one of the rare games that I played these days where I actually don't mind spending long hours for... pointing-and-clicking the screen like an ass, next to The Sims 3 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas of course (but right now, I just don't feel like playing that game).

P/S: Haven't played the damn game since I reviewed it. I got lazy all of a sudden. =.=

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Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, there is fan sequel for this game called Septerra Core Dream About the Past. If you are interested, look here:

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